In 2009 the Board of Education for School District 46 (Sunshine Coast) underwent an external review to ensure its organizational structure best supports student success. The review recommended a new, cohesive governance model that would reflect the Sunshine Coast community going into the future. In response, the board restructured its policies around clear roles for the board and administration, clear delegation of responsibilities to administration, and strong, community-based vision, mission, values and strategic planning set by the elected Board. In support of considered, ethical and strategic stewardship of all aspects of School District 46, the Board is ultimately responsible for all district policy, which is divided into three areas:

1. Governance policies are general in nature and are set by the Board of Trustees to articulate and define important objectives, principles or values; and to define roles, responsibilities and authority.

2. Bylaws are passed by the Board of Trustees to clearly set out the specific rules, not covered by legislation, by which the Board will be governed. Bylaws are also legally required for budgets, capital projects, disposal of lands and school closures, but these specific bylaws are not presented as part of district policy.

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3. Administrative regulations are operational in nature and allow for consistent and effective operations in an organization or a department. The Board delegates administrative regulations to the Superintendent of Schools to develop in a transparent process that includes community input.

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Response forms should be completed and returned to the school district office either by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by fax to: 604-886-4652, or by mail to: School District No. 46, PO Box 220, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0.

For additional information on the development of administrative regulations, see Regulation 1230 - Process for Administrative Regulations.

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