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May 15, 2017 Pro-D Day

The Chatelech Teacher Inquiry Group met today to celebrate the completion of their year-long inquiry, an individual and collaborative process for teachers to dig into questions about their practice. This Inquiry was jointly funded by the BCTF, SD46 and SCTA Professional Development. The group was facilitated by PD Chair, Paddy McCallum.

2017 Service Recognition Awards

SD46 staff were recognized at the annual Service Recognition Award ceremony on Monday, April 3, 2017 at Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club. Superintendent Patrick Bocking, Chair of the Board of Education Betty Baxter, President of CUPE Local 801 Carolyn Smith, President of SCTA Louise Herle and President of SCPVPA Deborah Luporini congratulated recipients.

5 years of service (L-R): Shannon Whittall, Terry Ratcliff, Mary Alsop, Jean Klan, Liana Leskie, Jay-Ann Van Der Linden

10 years of service (L-R): Susan Telfer, Sara Schutz, Debra Andrews, Catherine Cooper, Sara Douglas, John Pritchard, Carol Thorsteinsson, Piera Windsor

15 years of service (L-R): Ann Allen, Paul Bishop, Valerie Caton, Tamara Forsyth-Jacobsen, Peggy Hunt, Alyssa Kennelly

20 years of service (L-R): Caroline Smith, Jennifer Marquis, Carolyn Spence, Vanessa White, Tara Sweet

25 years of service (L-R): Elaine Tattrie, Laura Clarke, Linda Russell, Donna Gillespie, Michelle Smart, Patti Kennedy

30 years of service (L-R): Kerry Mahlman, Lexa Pomfret, Donna Schmirler, Janet Stevens

35 years of service: Diane Wagner with Superintendent Patrick Bocking

Friday, September 30th Professional Development Activity

Scott McKay, a SET BC consultant from Prince George, offered a roomful of SD46 teachers an overview on some exciting innovations that are hitting our classrooms. Resources were shared about Flipped Classrooms, Genius Hour, Makerspaces and Coding, many of which support our Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum.



2015/16 TELP Graduates

Provincial leaders transforming education in B.C.

Healthy Buddies Shortlisted for Cmolik Prize

Awesome Team at BCCase Conference

Professional Development Activities

Learning Together Inquiry

Please read our booklet, Learning Together Inquiry 2012 – 2015. Building a culture of inquiry through cross-district, collaborative conversations about learning.

Congrats to Recipients of Masters' Degrees!

District-Wide Training for Kurzweil Software

Read about the recent Rethinking Education conference educators recently attended: SD46 Educators Attend TEDxWestVancouver Event

2013 Retirees and Long Service Employees

School District Employees Honoured at the 2013 Service Recognition Celebration







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