Letter to Parents/Guardians from the Provincial Health Officer

Please read the letter to parents and guardians from the Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall, regarding talking to youth about substance use.



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Grad 2017 Representative Message

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Congratulations, 2017 Graduates!

Letter from Superintendent Patrick Bocking – June 2017

Dear Graduates,

Am I really ready to graduate?

Many new high school graduates ask themselves this. To be sure, it is completely natural to wonder what’s next. Where am I going to be? What am I going to do? Who will be with me? How is all of this going to happen?

Look back to kindergarten thirteen years ago. Since then you have learned so much, much more than any of us can really grasp all at once and most of it we tend to take for granted. Through your own effort, and with a lot of support from your family and your teachers, you’ve grown enormously. When you think back to the many teachers you’ve worked with, the people you’ve known, the subjects you’ve taken, the experiences that you’ve enjoyed; it’s really amazing!

You are a graduate from one of the best school systems in the world. British Columbia students, like you, rank very highly on international tests; you are among the best anywhere! And while British Columbia graduates are known to have high academic success, they are also known to have compassion, generosity and acceptance of others.

Are you ready to graduate and move on to the next stage in your lives? I have an easy answer for you. You have the knowledge, skills, and the attitudes that will ensure your success throughout your life. It will take work as all good things do, but you are most definitely very ready.

We could not be prouder of you.

Very sincerely,



Patrick Bocking
Superintendent of Schools



Solar Power Upgrades


School District No. 46 (SD46) students and staff are excited to move towards the use of solar power at several sites. Students at Pender Harbour Secondary have been focusing during Exploration Learning Blocks on how to move to Solar Energy. This project ties into their learning and creates real hands-on projects that students can be part of.

SD46 is investing capital funding in a solar power system at Langdale Elementary School that could provide up to one-third of the annual power required for the school! Capital approval has been received for heating and ventilation upgrades at Davis Bay Elementary and Pender Harbour Secondary Schools. With these funds, existing air handling units will be replaced with air source heat pumps and the upgrades will also include solar enhancements.

The following charts compare potential savings based on current and projected utility costs for natural gas, biodiesel and solar generated electricity at Davis Bay Elementary.






Secretary-Treasurer Nicholas Weswick commented, “Both Pender Harbour Secondary and Davis Bay Elementary Schools are unique in that they are both heated using electricity only, so the cost to convert to a lower-cost fuel source (natural gas) would be significant. Using this same investment to implement electricity generation instead presents a solid business case and avoids adding 20 tonnes of CO2 annually to the atmosphere at Davis Bay Elementary alone.”

Superintendent Patrick Bocking stated that “environmental sustainability is a key aspect of our Values Statement. Our facilities department is doing a great job of modeling this for our students.”

The next step in the design process is to conduct feasibility studies to confirm that both Pender and Davis Bay are suitable locations for solar. SD46 also plans on issuing requests to tender for solar projects at Langdale, Pender Harbour and Davis Bay schools.


Parent Newsletter

Please read the most recent edition of the SD46 Parent Newsletter.


SD46 Announces Principal Assignments for 2017-2018 School Year

Annually after Spring Break, School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) announces principal or administrative changes in the district for the upcoming school year. This year, Superintendent Patrick Bocking is pleased to announce that every principal and vice-principal will stay in their current position for the 2017-2018 school year. This is great news across the district in every community on the Sunshine Coast, as it will support continuing the innovative projects that schools are working on.

Patrick Bocking thanks all principals and vice-principals, who make up the district’s educational leadership team, and their staffs for their efforts on behalf of students. “The Board and I are proud of the superb leadership and support that our principals and vice-principals provide our students, staff and community. Our leadership team works hard to achieve our ambition: Excellence in all we do!


Student Leadership Saving Energy on the Sunshine Coast

Two groups of students are leading awareness and energy saving actions this week in School District 46 – Roberts Creek Elementary Division 1 Grade 7 class and Project SPIDER’s distance education class.

Cast a vote in favour of the projects! This would help the students in the BC Green Games contest.
Roberts Creek Elementary

Roberts Creek Elementary School’s Division 1 Grade 7 students host Freezing Friday on March 10th to save energy and find ways to shrink our footprint.  After learning about climate change and energy waste with REDE Energy Solutions, John Lussier’s Grade 7 students wasted no time to plan a day of action on energy and water conservation. First, students used Kill-a-Watt meters provided by Rob Collison, School District No. 46 Manager of Facilities and Transportation and measured energy waste and savings opportunities at school.  They are now busy rolling out an energy awareness campaign – hosting a school-wide energy survey, daily energy saving announcements and a Sweater Day Contest for this week’s Freezing Friday event.  

Mr. Collison will help Roberts Creek Elementary turn down the heat two degrees this Friday to raise awareness and save energy. He is working to support school building improvements across the district with a district-wide goal to conserve 5% more energy each year.  Energy awareness and action is an essential part of this and it fits well with BC’s new curriculum too – emphasizing student inquiry, place-based and student-centered learning.

On Friday, Roberts Creek Elementary is being encouraged to reduce all the energy waste they can.  Students are tracking daily energy use now to compare with Friday’s efforts.  This week they’re busy raising awareness with daily announcements, hosting an online energy survey and a fun Sweater Day contest on Friday.  With Mr. Collison’s help, some local merchant draw prizes will be available to win for participating students and help students celebrate their efforts.

Teacher Kaia Nielsen’s Project SPIDER Grade 7-9 class took the Kill-A-Watt meters’ home, brainstormed ways to shrink their home energy use and set up a self-designed home energy savings challenge.  They’ll share their actions with the broader SPIDER community.

Ms. Nielsen notes, “They’ve had great insights into the power of personal action.”



Similarly, Mr. Lussier’s Grade 7 class wants to share some of the actions students and staff at Roberts Creek Elementary are already taking - while challenging them to do a bit more – whether grabbing a sweater and turning down the heat a bit, flicking that light switch or computer screen off when done or riding the bike to school – each bit makes a difference.  

Division 1 has already had success quickly identifying and unplugging an old near empty refrigerator at school. Teacher John Lussier knows it’s a lot of work, but is quick to highlight “Daily actions really do make a difference – especially with a goal for a call to action.”  Rob Collison couldn’t agree more. “These students’ efforts remind us all that we do have the power to make positive change.”



Public Hearings on Trustee Electoral Areas

Public hearings will be held pursuant to School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) Bylaw No. 73 (Electoral Areas Bylaw) and Ministry of Education Trustee Variation Guidelines.  

The Ministry of Education recently acknowledged that certain Sechelt Indian Government District (SIGD) lands had been omitted from the metes and bounds descriptions of the district’s Trustee Electoral Areas (TEAs). The Ministry has requested the Board’s cooperation in updating the electoral areas for the school district. The board has considered several options and has evaluated them against a range of criteria, including voter parity.

At its Regular Board Meeting of February 8, 2017, the Board passed the following motion: “THAT the board proceed with three regional public consultations, taking place during February-April, on the following options:  Option A: Listing SIGD lands within the geographic region that borders them, Option B: Including the excluded SIGD lands in the Sechelt TEA and combining Gibsons with Areas D,E & F”

Two scenarios will be put forward for consideration:

Three Public hearings have been scheduled for:

·      Thurs. Feb. 23 from 6-7 pm at Elphinstone Secondary

·      Tues. Mar. 7 from 6-7 pm at Pender Harbour Secondary

·      Wed. Mar. 29 from 6-7 pm at Chatelech Secondary

Written input will be received until April 12, 2017 and can be emailed to nweswick@sd46.bc.ca

Under the School Act, the Minister of Education makes the final decision regarding trustee electoral areas. Any changes to the trustee electoral areas would be in place prior to the October 2018 election.

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