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Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46
(Sunshine Coast)
Superintendent Patrick Bocking
March 6th, 2019

1. Students
a. Early Years Fair 2019 is coming soon to the Sechelt Learning Centre! The Fair this year is based on the children’s book, “The best part of me” and takes place beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 9th. (1a)
b. Pink Shirt Day was February 27th. Students and staff wore pink to show that we will not stand by when others are bullied in any way. (1d)
c. Fiddler on the Roof is incredibly successful! All shows are sold out including the extra show that has been arranged! We are immensely proud of teachers Sara Douglas and Tom Kellough for their dedication to musical theatre. (1f)
2. Staff
a. District Day on February 15th was highly successful. The SCTA developed a strong program of professional learning including the highly relevant and entertaining keynote speaker Shelley Moore who spoke about including all of our students in our learning programs. (2a)
b. Strategic Plan consultations are taking place with students, PACs, school staffs, and committees. (2c)
c. The District Parent Advisory Council’s next meeting will be on Thursday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m. at Pender Harbour Elementary/ Secondary School. District Principal Deasey will be speaking on district strategies for “Supporting Parents Through the Early Years”. (2d)
d. The district is proud of teacher Rita Poulson, from Kinnikinnick Elementary and Chatelech Secondary Schools who received recognition and an interview on a Global News item which celebrates excellence in teaching. Rita teaches Shashishalhem to students of all ages. (2g)
3. Community
a. Formal dresses can be expensive! The Dreams Come True event was developed by a local volunteer to help each of our students find a lovely gown for the special celebrations this year. (3b)
b. Our Secretary Treasurer has partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health to develop a comprehensive drinking water plan that ensures our students’ and staff health, eliminates water wastage and saves staff time from regular water line flushing. (3b)
c. A celebration of the community partnerships that enable our students to succeed and thrive takes place at Chatelech Secondary School on Thursday, March 7th at 5:00 p.m. Staff, partners and student presentations on “inclusion” will follow a chance to view table displays by our community partners. All are welcome! (3b)

Schools will dismiss one hour earlier than their set times on the following dates:
Wednesday, March 13th and Thursday, March 14th, 2019

**This does not apply to SCAS students**

All buses will arrive for their afternoon runs 1 hr earlier than normal.

Early Dismissals:

Schools / Pick Up Time
Cedar Grove – 1:30 PM
Davis Bay – 1:40 PM
Gibsons –  1:50 PM
Halfmoon Bay – 1:25 PM
Kinnikinnick – 1:15 PM
Langdale – 1:36 PM
Madeira Park – 1:51 PM
Roberts Creek – 1:41 PM
West Sechelt – 1:46 PM
Chatelech – 2:20 PM
Elphinstone – 1:59 PM
Pender Harbour – 2:10 PM

Ruth sd46

It’s been a month chock-full of activity for the Board.  On top of that, due to February already being a short month and Spring Break coming up, we have needed to compress all our meetings and activities into the first two weeks of March. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be anymore snow on our horizon.

Mid-February snowstorms and icy roads led to school snow days; it was unclear until the very last minute whether we would even have our February board meeting, as the roads were still in question.  As it stood, we were all able to make it, and the roads were cleared and ready for schools to open again the next day. Of course, the snow began again on Thursday evening and along with it, another Weather Alert.  Luckily for the students, it was already a Pro-D Day.

The SCTA, however, had a spectacular District Day event lined up starting first thing Friday morning.  As trustees had also been invited to this event, we all waited to see what awaited us the next morning.  The snow was bearable and the District Day Pro-D event went forward, and it was wonderful! The Keynote Presenter, Shelley Moore, was both entertaining and informative. In addition to the keynote, Shelley Moore facilitated additional workshops on classroom planning strategies.  Other workshops throughout the day included topics such as Maker Mindset, First Peoples Principles of Learning, Fun Teaching French, Teaching and Coaching Ultimate Frisbee and STEM. Dr. Evelyn Zellerer also spoke to the attendees on Conversations. The school trustees who were able to attend enjoyed the day immensely and we thank the SCTA for the invitation. It was a great opportunity to bring together knowledge and ideas for all.

On the 21st and 22nd of February, I attended the BCSTA Board Chairs Meeting and the Annual Partner Liaison Meeting.  Both were very worthwhile events. The Chairs Meeting had speakers present on such topics as how boards can contribute to student achievement through policies and setting your board up for success.  There were many break-out sessions, encouraging districts to learn from and share with each other. The Partner Liaison Meeting was a joint workshop with each district’s Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer and Board Chair.  Each district was given assigned seating to make our table partnerships more diverse. We had the Hon. Rob Fleming, the Minister of Education, speak to us on the BC 2019 Budget and how education fits on the list. We had speakers on the Funding Model Review, Equity Challenges, Tripartite Agreement, and Bargaining.  Each speaker held break-out sessions for table-talk. I am grateful for Superintendent Bocking and Secretary Treasurer Weswick’s presence, as they were monumental in my learning!

Lastly, many of the trustees and myself had the honour of attending Fiddler on the Roof at Chatelech Secondary over the last few weeks.  There were a total of 66 students from grades 6 to 12, (56 on stage, 4 backstage and 6 in the band) in six performances over-all.  I cannot even begin on how amazed I was by the performance! I know how hard these students (and of course the teachers behind the scenes!) have worked and have nothing but praise and adulation for their efforts!  Bravo!


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