Internet Safety

These links are used at workshops for students, staff, and parents. Please note that these are external links, and while we find them useful, we are not responsible for the contents.

As these references are updated, this page will update accordingly.

Internet Safety Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students

  • Be Web Aware - Home Information and resources for parents and teachers with a Canadian perspective.

  • Cyberbullies - Google Scholar Wired Teen Angels and other experts offer guidance for teachers and schools struggling with cyberbullying.

  • Internet Safety for Parents An initiative to educate Wyoming Middle School parents about the dangers their kids face online and offer tips to help protect them.

  • Kids in the Know - What's New? Kids in the Know is an interactive safety education program for increasing the personal safety of children and reducing their risk of sexual exploitation.

  • Stop Cyberbullying Wiki to have an ongoing discussion (with resources) about cyberbullying.

  • That's Not Cool  Interesting approach to taking a look at internet social network issues for teens.

News & Updates

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    At the Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Education on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, the newly sworn-in board held its...

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    It is expected that all individuals – adults and students – will treat each other with respect and courtesy and...

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    The Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Education of School District No. 46 will take place on Tuesday, December 9...

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